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October 2022: COSTFACT at the SSI World Shipbuilding Conference 2022 from 4th to 6th October 2022 in Mobile, Alabama, United States > Read more

January 2022: VT Halter Marine implements CostFact: Headquartered in Pascagoula, Mississippi, VT Halter Marine, Inc evaluated CostFact in 2021 in the course of a multi-month trial installation. Based on this experience, VT Halter Marine decided in 2022 to initiate CostFact as their central tool for cost estimation.

August 2021: New CostFact Feature: Integration with AVEVA for predicting costs based on design model data and parameterizing the cost calculation > Read more

Cologne, December 12, 2020: New CostFact Feature: Optimizing the Evaluation and Selection of Supplier Quotations by Value Analysis > Read more

Ancona, August 5, 2020: Italian Ferretti Group decides for CostFact: After concluding a trial phase, Europe’s largest yacht builder starts using CostFact for cost estimation in the bidding phase > Read more

Cologne, May 20, 2020: New CostFact Feature: Rapid indication price calculation by Automatic Parametrization. When re-using calculation data from historical projects, costs and quantities are automatically adjusted according to the design parameters of the current project > Read more

Genova, Viareggio, Napoli, Ancona, December 3 to 6, 2019: Information Events Cost Management in Superyacht Building in Italy from December 3 to 6, 2019 > Read more

Lisbon, September 30, 2019: COSTFACT is Sponsor of the SSI Conference 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal (Sep. 30 to Oct. 2, 2019) > Read more

Rio de Janeiro, August 13, 2019: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Rio de Janeiro > Read more

Amsterdam, March 14, 2019: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Amsterdam > Read more

Cologne, February 12, 2019: New CostFact Function Plausibility Check for Parametric Cost Estimates > Read more

Hamburg, November 22, 2018: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Hamburg with user reports from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and German Naval Yards > Read more

Trieste, August 30, 2018: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Trieste > Read more

Brussels, May 24, 2018: Information Event “Cost Management in Naval Shipbuilding” in Brussels > Read more

Pavone, May 14, 2018: COSTFACT at the COMPIT 2018: Case Study Azimut Yachts > Read more

Cologne, January 9, 2018: Webinar “Quick Cost Estimation in 3 Steps”: This Webinar shows how existing data can be used to set up a new cost prediction efficiently. > Read more

Kiel, October 2, 2017: NOBISKRUG and German Naval Yards Kiel Implement CostFact: To advance cost estimation and cost planning, NOBISKRUG and German Naval Yards Kiel implemented the cost management system “CostFact” > Read more

Avigliana, September 14, 2017: Azimut Benetti strengthens cost management: After an in-depth evaluation of the regression module, Azimut Yachts implemented CostFact to predict the cost of new designs fast and reliable > Read more

Cologne, September 18, 2017: CostFact in shipyard consortiums: New software feature enables project exchanges across IT systems for calculation in shipyard consortiums and mobile working > Read more

Cologne, July 5, 2017: Webinar Parametric Cost Estimation: How to estimate cost in early project phases > Read more

Trieste and Lecce, June 2017: CostFact Representative in Italy: Partnership with Italian Marine Company MICAD established > Read more

Hamburg, May 31, 2017: Training CostFact Basics: This brick and mortar course with practical software handling will offer the opportunity to learn and exercise cost estimation and budget planning with CostFact. > Read more

Tunisia, April 2017: Interview with Wassim Koubaa, Deputy General Manager of SCIN, on Cost Saving Potential in Shipbuilding. > Read more

Cape Town, March 14, 2017: Online CostFact Demonstration, featuring an overview on CostFact and highlighting selected main functions of this software. > Read more

Charleston, March 7, 2017: CostFact Presentation in Charleston, South Carolina, at the NSRP Panel Meeting on Utilization of Technical Data for Cost Estimation and Change Management. > Read more

Cologne, January 2017: Advanced Calculation of Ship Programs: Especially naval projects often require quotations for a ship program that consists of a number of ships with identical design… > Read more

Mobile and Cologne, January 2017: Streamlining Change Processes in Shipbuilding: SSI USA and COSTFACT are working on an integration of ShipConstructor and CostFact in order to streamline the change processes in shipbuilding and drive costs down by exchanging design data as a primary parameter. > Read more

Mobile, January 26, 2017: Information Event in Mobile, Alabama: A special feature of this event is the practical usage of CostFact by the participants… > Read more

Hamburg, October 4, 2016: Shipbuilder Blohm+Voss flipped the switch and went live with CostFact. The recent merger of the former independent companies for newbuilding and repair projects requested the unification of their costing systems… > Read more

Oslo, June 16, 2016: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Oslo > Read more

Durban, July 2015: Southern African Shipyards Leads Cost Management in African Shipbuilding with CostFact: Southern African Shipyards is the largest shipyard in Southern Africa… > Read more

Mobile and Québec, July 2015: Permanent Representatives in America: Partnership with North American SSI Agents Established > Read more

Amsterdam, August 27, 2015: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding” in Amsterdam > Read more

Genova, December 4, 2014: Information Event “Cost Management in Shipbuilding and Super Yacht Building” in Genova > Read more

Hamburg, October 9, 2014: Information Event “Life Cycle Costing for ship owners and ship operators” in Hamburg > Read more

Hamburg, September 2014: ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems uses CostFact for Target Cost Management in the new MEKO Product Family. > Read more

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