Online Events and Webinars

costfact systems provides interactive online demonstrations to introduce end-users to the cost management system CostFact. The sessions (duration 20-30 minutes) consist of a short introduction and a live demonstration of CostFact. Participants will be able to address questions during and after the demonstration.

The following webinars are offered currently:

Webinar 1 – Overview and CostFact Basic Features (1 of 2):

  • Central Idea of CostFact (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Project Administration and Calculation Structure
  • Cost Import from Previous Projects, Cost Factors and Indexation
  • Cost Planning on Cost Item Level

Webinar 2 – CostFact Basic Features (2 of 2):

  • Cost Rates and Price Lists
  • Integration of Supplier Proposals
  • Controlling the Cost of Changes
  • Calculating the Prognosis Error by Risk Analysis

Webinar 3 – Parametrical Cost Estimation:

  • Setting up Cost Functions Manually
  • Statistical Analysis of Historical Projects
  • Cost Prediction based on Regression Analysis
  • Applying Cost Functions in the Calculation

Webinar 4 – Cost Analyses and Controlling of Actual Costs:

  • Utilization of Cost Filters, Identifying Cost Drivers and Project Comparisons
  • Milestones, Payments and Cash-Flow Analysis
  • ERP-Linking and Cost Forecasts
  • Cost Controlling during Building Phase

Webinar 5 – Integrating the Specification:

  • Specification Input According to the Calculation Structure
  • Utilization of Standard Specification Modules
  • Specification Import from MS Word Documents
  • Ensuring Consistency between Calculation and Specification

Webinar 6 – Life Cycle Costing:

  • Input and Analysis of In-Service Costs
  • Setting up and Applying Cost Trends
  • Integrated Optimization of Investment Costs and In-Service Costs
  • Addressing Uncertainty by Risk Analysis, Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios

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