Cologne, February 2019

Plausibility Check for Parametric Cost Estimates

Controlling the Consistency of Cost Drivers in Parametric Calculation

Besides bottom-up calculation which is related to single cost items, CostFact supports parametric costing. When calculating an indication price in early bidding phases, the length of time and amount of work can be reduced enormously by estimating the cost based on a limited number of main cost drivers. However, this procedure carries the risk of errors: Incorrect entries of the attributes like confounding of values or wrong units like kilograms instead of tons can lead to wrong calculation results with economic consequences of dramatic magnitude if the mistake passes unnoticed.

CostFact’s feature for plausibility checks helps to avoid such incorrect entries: For each technical parameter used for parametric cost prediction, expected ranges can be defined. Furthermore, it is possible to specify typical relationships between different parameters. Based on this information, the attributes of a specific project are analysed and the result is displayed to the user. Parameters which require a review are highlighted and a traffic light shows the total result at a glance.

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