Cost Controlling

Cost Control and Analysis

Target Costing

A cost target for the complete ship is set and broken down into its main groups. Approaches for cost cutting activities are generated by calculating the costs of single functions, and contrasting these costs with the function’s value to the customer.

Real-Time Calculation During Construction

Planned and actual data is compared with reference to the different levels of the ship’s structure. By entering pending costs, a cost forecast can be calculated.

Cost Analysis

Numerous tools and filters provide insight into the cost structure, cost drivers and cost reduction potential. The cost of changes after the project’s start are shown clearly, and different projects or project versions can be easily compared. The availability of the information generated will significantly improve the quality of the new cost estimates.

Risk Analyses

Cost prognoses for ships are inevitably burdened with uncertainty, especially in the early project phases. The risk analysis function of CostFact calculates the extent to which future costs could deviate from the forecast.

More Product Features

Efficient Cost Planning


Integrated Cost Information


Parametric Cost Estimation


Life Cycle Costing