Mobile and Cologne, January 2017

Streamlining Change Processes in Shipbuilding

SSI USA is well-known for SSI shipbuilding software, namely their flagship product ShipConstructor software. SSI USA and COSTFACT are working on an integration of ShipConstructor and CostFact in order to streamline the change processes in shipbuilding and drive costs down by exchanging design data as a primary parameter.
By integrating ShipConstructor with the cost management software CostFact, the respective shipyards will obtain the capability to compare the economic value of design alternatives at the earliest design stages through detailed production design. A key benefit is that there will be a consistent information flow between technical and financial departments. This will make it practical to assess the cost-effectiveness of design options and then select one that achieves a targeted design-to-cost ratio.
There are multiple benefits to a successful project implementation for both the team shipyard members and their clients:

(Picture Source: SSI USA)