Efficient Cost Planning Using CostFact’s 3-Step-Procedure

  • Cost planning, both from the top down and bottom up, is carried out within the structure of the vessel’s building group system. Depicting this system from a hierarchical tree view enables the user to navigate quickly between the different levels. Costing is possible at each of these levels, according to the information that is available at each current stage of the project.
  • Several functions support the reuse of cost information from previous projects and enable the user to set up new calculations in the shortest possible time by using CostFact‘s “3-Step-Procedure”.
  • The multi-user capability enables different users to work on a calculation simultaneously. A cost history documents all individual cost inputs and changes.
  • The incorporation of all useful information from external sources leads to significant time compression in the calculation. Source updates are incorporated in the calculation automatically.
  • The system is very user friendly. It was designed in such a way that new users can start doing basic calculations immediately before acquiring the expertise necessary to handle the advanced functions.
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